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Inpatient Safety Protocols

You may be hesitant during the current health crisis to seek treatment for your mental health or addiction concerns; however, you may also be experiencing increased stress, anxiety, or substance use at this time.

We recognize that mental healthcare is essential healthcare, and we have responded quickly and effectively to COVID-19 to ensure you can seek treatment safely and confidently.

Our Leadership Team and staff members are well-informed on current COVID-19 information using trusted federal, state, and local information sources. Our facility’s infection prevention specialist is ensuring compliance with all guidelines and best practices for patient and staff safety.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

Housekeeping team members have implemented enhanced measures in order to provide the highest-quality environment of care.

Mandatory Health Screenings

Upon arrival, you will be asked if you are experiencing cough, cold, or flu-like symptoms and, if so, you will be asked to wear a mask. You will then complete a brief infection screening as directed by the CDC. In this same way, our employees are being screened each day upon arrival to work.

If qualifying symptoms are present and travel to restricted regions or contact with a COVID-19 positive patient has been made within 14 days, you may be asked to contact your medical provider for follow-up care or transported to a local medical facility.

PPE Practices

All patients and employees are monitored daily for COVID-19 symptoms and are instructed to wear masks. Personal protective equipment is provided when guidelines dictate their use.

Your mental health or addiction treatment should not wait and, with these extensive safety protocols firmly in place, you can feel confident trusting us with your essential mental healthcare.